Buick 350 aluminum heads almost here!

www.TAPerformance.com does not yet show anything on their web site but word is that the first two sets have been through first machining. programs are still being fine tuned.

the new head will support a 2.050" intake valve and a 1.600" exhaust. yes, you read that right, a plus 2" intake valve into the stock 350 piston bore. unknown if it will be necessary to fly cut the top of the bore to relieve shrouding.

final head weight is not known ( and, obviously, more porting will take more weight off ) but the raw casting is 30lbs vs the factory cast iron at 51lbs. delta of 21lbs per head * 2 == 42lbs saved AND THAT IS A MINIMUM. this is BEFORE machining, so the finished heads will be lighter yet.

couple that with an aluminum Stage 1 intake which is 16lbs vs the stock cast piece at 53lbs for a 37lbs savings and that will REALLY drive the assembled weight of the 350ci to rock bottom levels.

then you take the exhaust manifolds off and put headers on and save even more! :finish:

so the full assembly will be *a minimum* of 80lbs lighter than the factory OEM engine.

Buick small block engine weights

350ci == 460lbs
340ci == 404lbs
300ci == 400lbs
215ci == 328lbs

350ci short block + aluminum heads and intake == 380lbs assembled? noice! :D

350heads_1st mill.jpg


i double dog dare ... no ... i TRIPLE dog dare somebody to build a Buick 350 variant which weighs LESS THAN it's cubic inch displacement!

go on, put a .060" overbore in and you'll bump displacement to 360.43ci. this could be doable!


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And here is my engine which will be the first block that the Alum heads are bolted onto and going in my 2980 Pound Street legal drag car:

Billet crank by KING, this is a one off:

JE Custom pistons:

Belt driven oil pump:

Custom pan by SRE:

And the car:


sean buick 76

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That's really nice, what size are the wheezers?
Thanks! The are just little T3/T4 hybrid 55 trim turbos... Setup for instant boost NO lag, will swap out to larger turbos once I get the new engine running well. This setup makes about 580 HP at the crank with a 250 hp stock 350 with small cam. Shooting for 400 HP NA with the new engine then adding boost