Boatail outside door handle removal


Did a search and found no help in the forums on this problem and surprised at that. To replace a door handle appears to be a real headache. Surely someone must have had to do this. Is there any instruction anywhere on procedure?? I have the inside door panel off and see no easy way. It appears that the entire window will have to be removed and even then it appears to be a problem. There are no access holes to get at the screws that hold the handle on. The screws are blocked if the window is up or down. I really need help. Can any one enlighten me????


Yes, you will have to remove the door glass if you can't get to the bolts (1/4"-20, iirc) any other way. The bolts to remove are at the bottom of the regulator (scissors that raise and lower the window). Lift the glass out of the regulator, jiggle it around to remove from the door, or lower it into the bottom (may not be possible). Note that you may have to remove the window felt at the top of the door line to get the glass out through the top. This will require pulling the staples out. You may want to think about new window felt pieces if you go this route- you aren't just going to push those staples back in, believe me. Then you can access the bolts attaching the handle.