Ac wiring help


Hey all,

I have been working on what was a complete basket case of a 72 skylark custom 350-2. After going through all the mechanical - replacing nearly every seal - fixing tons of electrical issues - and all the rest. The car is finally on the road.

The car has factory AC - and all the wiring has been clipped - much like the state of much of the wiring harness when I got the car.

It had a thermal fuse at one point - found it in the trunk. I can’t make sense of the wiring. Looks like there is a blue, brown, and green wire coming from the harness. And then a green a black wire coming from the compressor.
I know the fuse ultimately bridges the gap. But not sure how, and not sure if there is a relay between the two.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - given the current heat I’m California.
I wonder if what you are talking about is the a/c thermal limiter.
This is probably the diagram you wish to see:
- Here is the list of 1972 wiring diagrams, click here

There is the complete chassis manual in the "Reference" section of the site, but for '72 there are also complete wiring diagrams listed under '72 in the "Years".
You may have to either open the diagrams outside of the display window, or print them for clearer images as they are reduced for display on computer screens.


Thanks l for the help.

I think I have figured out the wiring. I’ll go check in the morning. I’m sure it will definitely need to be recharged. I’ve seen a lot of discussion on the r-12 vs 134a conversion, so don’t need to reopen that thread here. I’m sure that the seals on the ac system are shot after all these years so will have to weigh the options.

currently have the issue of the vents are blowing hot air all the time - doesn’t matter whether bent is closed or open. I’ll be trying to figure that out tomorrow as well.

but my feet are smoking hot whilst driving. (Currently some of the duct work is not connected so vent just points directly at the feet.)


"my feet are smoking hot whilst driving"
Possibly the the water valve is in the open position letting nice and hot engine coolant run through the heater core. In case you need to make sure all the vacuum hoses are connected correctly The A/C section of the chassis manual should also have a vacuum hosing "wiring" diagram.