'85 Century : rpm too high (?)


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Okay, I know I'm outta my league - so please take pity on this question. Car; 85 Buick Century 4 cyl. Problem; When the car starts it seems to have a higher than normal rpm. It takes about 3 minutes to rev down. The person who gave me the car says "it's always been like that" and just dropped it into gear. I feel guilty doing that. So will it cause problems, is that the way it's made to work, or what?? It's in really good shape (except for an occasional unpredictable 'racing' of the engine). If anyone knows I thought you guys/gals would. THANX for any feedback.

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I had a similar problem with my 85. I drove it like that for years. Unfortunatly i had to get rid of it for other reasons. Never did find out .
That's a common problem with that engine. Only thing I can suggest is to change the coolant sensor. I could be telling the computer it is colder than it realy is. Hence the higher than normal idle due to a slightly over rich mixture.

Check the wiring on the sensor too. Those old coolant sensors used to leak up into the wiring harness and cause problems. New connectors are easy to find.

Most of those engines did that. If you live in the colder north land, and the start air temp is normaly below 60f, this a fairly normal.

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