67 GS 400 cooked wiring..........


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Last March 2010, I put in a sub-woofer with a 1000 watt amp and tied it directly to the battery. Went out for 2 hours riding around working out the bass (mostly Van Halen) and on my last stop of the day, the car was dead. No electric at all. I had it towed home.

New battery didn't work. New regulator didn't work. New Alt didn't work. I got so frustrated that I just ordered a new wiring harness from year one. Problem solved. Don't know why and I don't care cause the car worked again after 2 months.

My question is I bought a capacitor but the more I read the more I don't think this will solve my problem? I don't want to cook the wiring again, if that is what I did to begin with. Am I on the right track with the capacitor or do I need to install a larger Alternator? I have 105 Amps right now. And if I install a larger ALT do I need beefed up wiring? This is getting out of hand!
I can't answere you question, but I have to comment, mostly because you're workin' with a '67 GS400:)

I am taking the upgraded "stereo" out of mine the next time I work on it. Going back to the original am/fm. I never listen to it anyway. For a fration of the price I have a great exhaust system and electric cut outs, now that sound good...:)


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Yeah, I get that heavy metal thunder should be enough but........

I have to have music. I still have my original AM Sonomatic and it works but I never use it. I haven't listened to broadcast radio is over 6 years. Now it is all just SIRIUS. Well worth the investment of $500 for the lifetime subscription.

My after market radio is under the passenger seat. Not convenient but I'm not cutting anything in the interior.

I like the idea of electric cutouts. Gotta be louder that a Harley!