1962 Buick propeller shaft alignment

I need to align the propeller shaft for a 1962 Buick Wildcat. The alignment set advised in the repair manual is J-8973. I doubt anyone has that but wondered if an alterantive technique could be used. Thank you
As you already suspect, it's not likely you will find the tool recommended, and I don' t suspect you will find a suitable replacement.
For anyone reading this, you will find what he is concerned about CLICK HERE, page 6-33.

I am probably wrong, but here is a starting point.
The pinion climbs the ring gear under power. You will want it set best at a cruise power, so I would set it 1-2 degrees, or slightly down with the car sitting flat. Then have a look at the angles on everything and test drive. I would ignore the Constant Velocity Joint in the center of the shaft.
Here is a YouTube video of what you are trying to accomplish:
Bob - thank you for the excellent reply. I will use your advice and try to get the vibration cured. I have a new carrier bearing in and the U-joints seem to be OK so this alignment seems to be the next logical step. I do still have to get the driveshaft balanced but I think I can find a shop to do that. Thank you again.
It is EXTREMELY important to get the out of phase/alignment correct as this has alot to do with vibrations coming from the driveshaft.
Follow the manual closely & you will find a solution to your problem.
Raising or lowering the rear of the car by ONLY 1" can have an affect on a vibration from the driveshaft.

Tom T.
Thank you Tom T for the reply and advice. Without the tool J-8973 what do you feel is the best way to correct the out of phase alignment?
I have found that when the transmission mount can't be attained other mounts are fitted that doesn't place the transmission where it supposed to be, therefore angle of approach of the drive shaft is off to a side. I would check that you have all the correct mounts and that your mounts aren't degraded, cracked, worn, etc. The yoke and U-joints if worn will produce vibration. Rust powder at U-joints a good indicator of dry metal to metal wear normally greased up. Is there a center support you have to check for wear? A driveline shop can mount your driveshaft on their balancer like they do the tires and also check for wear.

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GL03 - Thank you for the great reply. I will check the transmission mounts in the near future. The Driveshaft Angle video was very informative. I need to find a drive-on lift where I can measure those angles. That Buick had ways to adjust the angle in the rear so hopefully I can use that information to guide me. Thank you agaiin.