1957 Ball joints


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I have a 1957 Buick Century...just in the process of tearing down..and am at the front suspension.
Question....being that this is a 1 year only suspension and is extremely pricey..how do I do a bench test on my existing ball joint to see if they are usable?...or do I just bite the bullet and replace regardless?

Question where would I get a set of new ball joints?...anyone get them? Are you happy, from where?

Question, where do I get a rebuild kit for the front suspension ( all bushings etc.)..who has a good source?

Question, I have a spindle that looks iffy.....where would I get a replacement?

Thanks a lot......Jimmi V.



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The '57 shop manual is light on data concerning the ball joints. Attached is a 1961 dealer service bulletin which indicates the '57-61 ball joints have the same basic design even though parts are not interchangeable. It describes checking the lower joint.

Also attached are pages 7-9 and 10 from the '58 shop manual describing the upper joint checks.

Last time I checked, www.kanter.com had suspension kits and rebuilt ball joints. As far as I know new ball joints are not being reproduced.


the 1957 BUICK Ball Joints are a 1 year 1 car ONLY --- 1957 Buick ONLY.....
my friend had a N.O.S. set of G M Ball Joints that he just sold to a guy from Sweden for $ 2200.....

They are R & R only -- as in Rebuild & Return......
I can supply you with ALL the rest of the Front End --- but it I S pricey.....

Always best to simply call me -- Craig -- 516 - 485 - 1935 ..... New York....