1956 rear coils


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The rear of my 4 dr buick special that i am restoring seems a little saggy and was wondering what would be the best way to address this. source new springs , have mine fixed , or add coil spring spacers ? i plan on fixing this issue when i drop the rear end to stick in a new clutch (if i can find one), any help with this or the source for the parts (springs and clutch) would really be appreciated. thanks guys
1956 Springs

I installed new rear springs that were a little stiffer than the old ones and installed new heavy duty shocks. This worked real good.


I have an extra set of rear springs for a 56 Buick I bought from jamco two years ago. they are meant to put the car at factory height but have a slightly heavier duty spring rate. I converted to independent rear suspension so now theyre just collecting dust. if you're interested I can send pictures