1956 Buick Wheels Stolen, How to Replace them with Chevy Wheels/rims..

OK, Yes, the title reads correctly. I took my 1956 Buick Special to my high school mechanics shop to work on my new manifold and carburetor. Over the weekend, my wheels were stolen. I had a nice set of white walls on them and yeah. F@$%$#@ Sh&*($#@! Anyways, I want to replace my wheels and I am trying to order a new set from US Wheels Series 96. Now, they said they couldn't help me because they didn't have a correct fit.

So what I am asking all of you Buick people, what is the correct fit? I know its 15X5 rim bolt pattern but, but on the drum Break there is this little pin that comes out . Can I remove it? Can I replace Bolts to Lug Nuts? What do I have to do to use chevy rims/wheels? Do I have to drill a hole in the new rims/wheel for the pin?

Thank you in Advance.


In addition to the pin the Buick wheels have a relief for the rivet heads on the front and the bolts heads on the rear. Also the center for the hub is larger on the Buick wheels. None will fit without spacers and lots of rigging (unsafe!).
So, what can I do. What steel wheels are compatible to my car? I hear GMC and Impala wheels. Does anyone know the correct year?
My Hollander show a 5-1/2" wheel for '56, Part number 1190739.
Buick Late '55-58 40 Series
Buic '59 LeSabre ser. exc. late S.W.
Buick '60 LeSabre Exc. S.W.

Also fits, 15x6, 15x6.5-5"
Buick '42-'58
Buick Late '59-60 LeSabre S.W.
Buick '59-60 Invicta, Electra & Electra 225


These U.S. wheels will fit, after some minor machining of the center bore, look great and accept factory hub caps. I ran a set of them on my 56 century for a while. You can get them in 7 or 8 inch width:



Stockton Wheel Service in CA.
A friend got some there: they sourced the correct Buick centers and attached to new rims to make a wheel. This of course takes some time and $$$.


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that pin isn't necessary. Just a helping crutch when mounting wheel. Nor are the rivets necessary - Just hangover from black smith days. I used 15x7 styled wheels from 73 on my 48. 70's GM cars may use. 4 3/4x5 or 5x5. if it has 12" rotors, it is 5x5. 10 1/2, 11" are 4 3/4x5. Hope this helps some.