1951 Buick Special Radio Removal


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Hey guys, my radio isn't working in my 51 special, but I have a working one I got off ebay a while back. I did some searching, but I can't figure out a clean way to remove the original radio without tearing up the original cloth covered vent that sits right underneath the dash. Does anyone have step by step instructions on how to remove the radio without causing too much damage to this vent? Or the rest of the car for that matter. I got under the dash briefly, but I could not see a clean way to do this. Do you have to remove the whole dash to get the radio out? There appears to be two bolts at the top of the radio above the ash trays that are unaccessible? How do you reach these?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm getting ready to remove my 51' special's radio also... how did your removal go? Better, yet, how did you do it, and what would you have done differently?