1. B

    performance upgraded '75 455 motor

    I have a '75 engine upgraded for street performance. TA stage 1 heads. TA camshaft Forged pistons Offenhausser dual quad intake Mallory ignition New oil pump New fuel pump Still waiting for double roller chain and aluminum water pump cover and new water pump. I want now to choose my...
  2. 5

    2barrel stromberg to 4barrel Carter

    I have a 55 Buick special with a 264 nailhead, it has the stock 2 barrel stromberg carb. Im going to change out this carb and existing intake manifold and replace with a 4 barrel carter Wcfb and intake manifold. I was told this Carter carb was from a 55 Buick century 322. I noticed the starter...
  3. elagache

    The "epic" 430 rebuild caper!

    Dear Team Buick big-block gurus, :shield: I have been trying to get enough preliminaries out of the way so that I could start asking the really big questions about rebuilding this 430 engine from a 67 Electra 225. I think I have an overall plan for this job, but . . . there are a few minor...
  4. P

    69 Skylark - Carb advice.

    Hi, and thanks for reading. I've got a '69 Skylark with a stock 2-barrel carburetor. The car is incredibly gassy and I'm wondering about rebuilding or replacing the carb. I've been afraid to tune or mess with this thing out of irrational fear of the unknown, but the time has come to enter the...
  5. A

    1975 Buick Century Carburetor Needed

    Hello, I'm restoring my late grandfather's 1975 Buick Century (4-door). It used to have a 350 engine in it but I've replaced it with a newer 455 engine. The problem is the carburetor is no good. I'm looking to get a new 4-barrel carburetor from somewhere (either old stock or new parts if these...