1. 1966 Wildcat Sedan -- starting on the journey

    1966 Wildcat Sedan -- starting on the journey

    Just bought this clean looking 1966 Wildcat. There is however a lot of work to be done, starting with the paint job -- a ugly pewter color over the original silver grey. First I'll need to treat rust spots to prevent further damages to the body (see below). Next? Add a right windshield wiper...
  2. Charles_F

    New owner of a 1966 Wildcat sedan

    Hi -- I am in Eugene, OR. I just joined this group after buying a 1966 Wildcat 4-door sedan (yesterday). This is my first 'vintage' car, so, I went cheap for a start. Basically, the engine runs and the car drives, but --more or less-- everything else needs fixing, repairing or replacing. My...
  3. New member, checking in!

    New member, checking in!

    white with black interior, bucket seats and console
  4. 66' Wildcat

    66' Wildcat

  5. Kiwijeff

    Nailhead into 1966 Skylark

    Hi all, I'm replacing the 300 cu.in in my '66 Skylark convertible with a 425 Nailhead & Switch Pitch Super Turbine 400. I'm in the process of rebuilding the 425 with a complete rebuild kit from T.A.Performance in Arizona, I've rebuilt the SP400 & fitted a Shift Kit. I've imported a rear sumped...
  6. B

    1966 LeSabre

    I haven't been on here for a while - health issues, anyhow I saw there there is a wanted post for 1966 Le Sabre letters for hood and trunk. There is a 66 on CL in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA for $600. It looked like the rear lettering at least was in fair condition - the car is very dusty in the...
  7. Canadian Buick Mogul

    Ticking like a time bomb - 1966 340

    Just picked up this 1966 LeSabre 400, and the engine is ticking quite loudly. Engine seems to take throttle fine. 53000 orig miles, seems all original. Should I be looking at oil pump upgrades, or swapping out lifters (without new cam?) ?
  8. R

    1966 340 buick low inlet manifold vacumn

    Hi All I have low inlet manifold vacumn pressure, my engine cuts out regulary … i cant seem to find the problem … has anyone had similar … Regards Ray
  9. S

    First timer question

    Hello, I just purchased a 1966 Skylark and the person that I got it from knew nothing about the engine. He said that he had a friend that was working on it (not in a good way) and when I got it she was not running. The past owner has had it for about 20 years and he was working on the body...
  10. 6

    1966 Buick Special

    I bite off a little more than i thought by buying this car. I have had it in storage outside for a year now. Before i bought it, I think it sat outside for about 3 years under a tree. The rust isn't too bad but i need to start working on before it's unworthy of my time and money. It has a 300...
  11. norwegian66riv

    NOS GM 1966 thru 1970 Buick Riviera GS Center Cap SET

  12. norwegian66riv

    401/425 1964-1966 Dual Quad linkage

  13. A

    1966 sportwagon cowl tag

    I am decoding our "new" 1966 Sportwagon and cannot find info on some of the codes. The Div. Series number is 44455FL1 which I know is a Buick Sportwagon with 2 seats, but what is the FL1? Also, under the trim code are the letters WCFR 2KX and under those numbers it reads 4F 5Y. Can anyone tell...
  14. E

    Desperately seeking Wiring Diagram 1966 Gran Sport

    I have the repair manual but there is no reference to either of these options. Any idea on where to find them? Any help is greatly appreciated.