My 65 Buick Special 310 Wildcat

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Bought earlier this year for a full restoration. Planning is 2 years, but because of Covid 19, everything is going faster. This gives me more free time to restore it. Most parts are still available in the USA and at reasonable prices. The only downside is that the transport costs are sometimes high for shipping to the Netherlands.
Now I have some issues that I need help with from Buick experts. The transmission is a ST300 automatic. When I bought this Buick I was already told that the gearbox did nothing. Not in first or second gear or in reverse. What could be the problem or is the most common problem. Suggestions are welcome, but I can't try anything now because everything has been disassembled, engine and transmission, from the car.


I know nothing..., but it is probably not building hydraulic pressure which could mean major seal failure or other typical reason for a hydraulic failure. It could also be a major mechanical failure near the input or output. You will have to take it apart. You should post your question in the forum for more exposure.

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