A Tale of Two '60's

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The Convertible (TOOLONG) I keep as stock as possible. It has the option 401 4 bbl Nailhead. I also had the Buick Tri-shield embroidered into the convertible top boot cover. Both cars have been converted to alternator charging system and both have had 6 blade cooling fans added, an extra row of fins in the radiators & custom radiator shrouds made for them in a black powder coated finish. Both have been converted to a dual master cylinder braking system and both have red LED rings wired into the brake lights behind the tail light lenses for added visibility when braking, both cars have 24" dual Smithy mufflers. The Four Door (no post) Flattop (JET AGE) is a mild custom. It has a rebuilt 364 2 bbl. painted gold to match the vehicle w/ aluminum Weiand finned valve covers and gray porcelainized stock exhaust headers. It has an air bagged suspension system with an automatic 'rise on start' function among the 6 programmable preset levels. The compressor and polished s/s air tank are located in the back of the trunk, I relocated the antenna to the center of the roof just behind the windshield. I picked a '60's retro style fabric for the upholstery inserts on the seats and door panels. I added venetian blind type louvers in the rear window and had custom 'starburst' designs embroidered in the door panels.

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The engine was spray painted with VHT Hi-Temp 650 paint when it was out of the car for a rebuild. The color is SP404 Gold Flake.

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