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    I found a posi. diff

    I have looked for a posi. I could afford for a long time. the owner said it was out of a buick but its a 12 bolt and big bolt pattern on the axel.isn't that a chevy? it doses look like it'll fit.will it??? I want it in my 71 gs. looking for advice,anyone.thanks.
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    test expantion valve

    my 1989 suburban needs an ac re do, how can I make sure the expantion valve on the rear unit will work before recharging?
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    I can't open the door

    I recently got 2, 70 model skylarks. both passenger side door latches are stuck. how do I get the doors open without messing them up? any ideas?
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    1991 park ave cd /radio

    I bought the car to sell and the radio did work. when I unhooked and replaced the battery more radio. I guess the ? is... is there a way around taking it in to a dealer to reset the code ? maybe magic no's maybe?
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    buicks crest or emblum

    Does anyone know what the story behind the crest is? like, what kind of animal and what do the colors mean?
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    the real mistery of the 69 skylark rear bumper light that is above the tag light

    the light is in the middle of the rear bumper above the tag and tag light and would shine in youre eyes if you are behind the car. could it be a third back up light?
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    69 skylark mistery light

    thanks for the reply bob k. but the light in question is above the tag light in the same place as the word Buick on a 1970 skylark rear bumper. my guess maybe a 3rd back up light? I never noticed them being that way till I bought one.
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    69 skylark mistery light

    the rear bumper on my 69 skylark has a clear light about 1 inch by 4 or 5 inches facing rear above the tag. does anyone know what it is for?
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    69 skylark mistery light

    hi mike here, I have a 1969 skylark and the rear bumper has a clear light facing rear above the tag. what is it supposed to be for?
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    mikes rides hello

    hi everyone, mikes rides here in N.C. I have a 1971 GS ,long time now and a lot of miles. I has a 1970. 455-4bl+400 turbo I also have a 69 skylark 350-4bl with a 350 turbo. it will be finished soon I hope. :D I really like this cite. lots of good info.