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Thread: Possible parts car?

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    Cool Possible parts car?

    I currently own a 72 skylark as far as I know its a base model car. Its equipped with 350 2bbl engine and
    350 trans and has power brakes. I plan to put a 455 and th400 in the car. I recently found a 72 skylark
    sitting in an old ladies backyard. I talked to her and she told me It was her sons car. I was able to look at
    It but only for a couple minutes. Although I was only able to open the hood about 5-6 inches I gladly discovered
    that the car was equipped with a 455. I could see that It had a Holley carb and from what I could tell all the
    under hood A/C parts which Is a big plus for me considering I live in Arizona. However she told me the car has not
    moved since 2006. It has been sitting in the Arizona sun all this time. I plan to have a talk with the old ladies son
    and hopefully If he is interested in selling go back to get a much better look at It. The car also had Skylark Custom
    badges on It. From what I could see the roof of the car was pretty much rusted through. Although this doesnt really
    matter to me as I would use It for a parts car or If i feel It could be drivin without putting too much into It I would make
    It a driver. I would like to know how to tell what year the motor is and if Its a GS or GSX motor or a motor of some value.
    How would I be able to identify what kind of rear end It has. Or If there are any specific things I should look for before
    even considering purchasing the car. Please keep in mind Im only 17 so I do not have a very high income.
    Thanks Tim.
    Below are a couple pictures of my skylark. Has 79,000 original miles on numbers matching motor and trans.
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    I gladly discovered that the car was equipped with a 455.

    you know what the quick visual id is between a 350 ( 6 bolt rocker covers ) and 455 / 430 / 400 ( 5 bolt rocker covers )? many people confuse the two engines, don't ever go by the air cleaner. they are almost identical deck heights and widths.

    if you have a big block, the displacement will be cast into the top of the trans saddle at the back of the block.

    I would like to know how to tell what year the motor is

    the simple way is to find the two letter Engine Code or the nine (?) digit Engine Identification Number ( which is an abbreviated version of your VIN ). these numbers should be stamped into the drivers side deck of the block, if the block has been decked they'll be gone. a wire brush, brake clean or gas and some chalk can all be helpful when trying to find old numbers.

    the two letter code is the best thing to find as it's the most specific about what the engine configuration was.

    and if Its a GS or GSX motor or a motor of some value.

    GS and GSX don't have anything to do with the motor, they're trim and handling packages depending on the year. hell, the 74 Buick Apollo had a GS option with a six cylinder engine.

    what you're looking for is a Stage 1 455 engine, this will be coded in the two letter engine code. all the other major identifying parts of a Stage 1 are internal. the biggest thing is the oversize valves but you won't be able to verify those without pulling the heads. Stage engines also have more aggressive cams but modern cam grinds are much better anyways.

    ask him if he bought any parts from TA Performance, they're in Scottsdale.

    How would I be able to identify what kind of rear end It has.

    there should be a two or three letter code stamped ( i think ) on the front of the drivers side axle tube. that's assuming the rear is stock.

    something like 'LTB' would be an 8 1/2" ring gear ( good because you can use Chevy gear sets ) with 2.56 gears and posi from the Buick factory.
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