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Thread: Dynaflow leak

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    Dynaflow leak

    My 1951 special dynaflow leaks somewhere by the tail it starts to leak when she starts up and stops after she sits off for about 3 min. I suspect the torque ball butI am not sure.

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    Hi Robert,

    yes, torque ball is the most likely source for leakage at the rear of an Dynaflow.
    These torque ***** seem to have a mind of their own. After highway driving with oil hot and thin they keep tight and after sitting for month in a cold garage afterwards with the oil being thickened by the cold you can find a puddle...
    You will never know without determining the source. Wash the transmission with brake cleaner as good as possible, start the engine and look where the oil comes from.
    As I said: Torque ball is likely, but since it is quite a job to get the transmission out there you probably wanna be sure you do not have to look for another seal also.

    A bad solution is applicable to almost every problem !

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    I have heard if there is a torq ball seal leak it may have let oil into the rear end so you might want to check oil level in the differential, not good for it.

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