Vintage 215 Performance Engine Parts Mechanical Injection Buick/Olds/Pontiac/Rover


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I hope this is the right place to post this info. I recently purchased a bunch of vintage GM 215 V8 engine parts out of the estate of an old racer in Southern California. I'm not sure what type of racing this guy was into but these are very high end race parts. He may have been a sprint car racer, boat racer, indy racer, etc. The parts included a NOS mechanical fuel injection system, NOS GM heads that have been ported, a NOS Isky cam, and a Lehman timing cover with matching water pump and oil pump. These parts had been in cool, dry storage for decades. I have separated these parts into NO RESERVE Auctions here on ebay starting at $9.99 Each.

If anyone is interested in these parts, here are links to the auctions:

Vintage Mechanical Fuel Injection GM 215 V8 Buick Olds Range Rover Intake System

NOS Olds 581829 Aluminum Cylinder Heads GM 215 V8 Oldsmobile Buick Range Rover

Vintage Offenhauser 5182 Aluminum Intake GM 215 V8 Buick Olds Range Rover

Vintage Lehman V-8 Drives Oil Pump Timing Cover Mounted Dry Sump 1960's Race Car

NOS 215 Aluminum Timing Cover Olds Pontiac Buick Rover Lehman V-8 Drives

Vintage Lehman V-8 Drives Water Aluminum Timing Cover Mounted 1960's Race Car

Vintage NOS Iskendarian Camshaft GM 215 V8 Buick Olds Range Rover Isky Cam

If this type of post is not allowed on this forum please feel free to delete it with my apologies. I hope this parts can find happy homes.