stock power steering pump / coil placement


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looking to replace the stock pump and reservoir or at least a new mounting bracket on the 340 the current setup had the smog pump
I want to mount the coil in its upright position but there is no clearance with the current bracket with smog, coil is currently mounted
horizontally on top of the intake also looking to replace original parts with chrome parts ie alternator, water pump, power steering etc,
any suggestions please
Here are two pictures, the top is of a '67 GS340 with a/c and the smog pump you are talking about. The second is of a '66 Skylark 340 without the smog pump.

The '66 probably shows the bracket you would like. Another option is to simply take the bracket you have and clean it up.

You don't mention the car you are working on, and neither of these have a horizontally mounted coil.

Hope that helps.



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It is a 66 Skylark 340 the previous owner has the coil mounted horizontal on the intake I assume because there was no room to mount it on the front
pretty tight at the front were it should be mounted part of the reason I want to swap out the pump and or bracket with the smog
A coil can be mounted in any position that is convenient. Maybe pull your smog pump off and have a look at putting a bracket on the aluminum bracket.


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the smog pump is no longer there and would like to mount the coil under it on the motor in front of the fuel pump thats why I was looking to replace the bracket and go with just a steering pump bracket any suggestions for replacing the pump with a chrome one type?