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:confused: Does anyone know for sure ( I think I do) whether the 1955 buick had rear deck speakers?

The person who owned the car before me put in rear deck speakers (I think) and I want to remove them and just go with the front speaker. I can get a stereo set of speakers from Custom Auto Sound that fits in the place of the origianl speaker and will give as good a sound as surrounding set of speakers........

Any ideas............Am I right about no back deck speakers?

Rear Speaker

:waving: Hey Bob

My '56 has one Rear Speaker in the center of the "Package Shelf" in the rear window "back-light" area.

I think that a Rear Speaker was an option.


Tom Gallagher


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55 car speakers

Since 1955 car radio's had primarily AM stations, some FM and maybe short wave (rare) plus the fact that stereo had not been commercially developed the only speaker in the rear deck would have been a single monoral(sp) speaker with what was call a "fader" control for the volume to the rear speaker. Stereo did not hit auto's until about 1966-67, I think.:waving:


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Robert Bates said:
:confused: . I can get a stereo set of speakers from Custom Auto Sound that fits in the place of the origianl speakerBob:confused:
That's like saying I can get a Yugo engine to replace my Nailhead. Your car is cool masterpeice from Buick' Golden years.

Please don't degrade it with sub-marginal parts. If you want a list of good speakers that can be hidden almost anywhere behind stock upholstery or using stock grilles with easily made brackets or bezels. here is a partial list:

older a/d/s
Image Dynamics

In fact I have some a/d/s 300i (car audio's FIRST hi-fi speaker) for sale which can be split into 51/4" midrange/woofer and 1" tweeter and separate crossover for flush mounting, or left as a plate for phase-coherent sound.

And keep your orignal radio in that cool dash. Ther are many aftermarket pre-amp units that have remote volume/feature controllers


Bob, my 55 Special also has a knockout in the center of the package shelf for one rear speaker.

I did a nice 'mod on mine. Like yours, Bob, the former owner cut 2 speakers into the rear package shelf. So I was able to guiltlessly use his holes. I put 2 6x9s in the back, 2 4"ers and 2 tweeters in a replacement kick-panel, and an amp in the back. Here's the mod: I pulled the old radio, set up a piano hinge on the bottom of the speaker grill in the dash, and put a magnetic strip on the top, so it folds open and snaps shut. I built a panel out of MDF to fill the hole where the speaker used to be, and slid my deck into that wooden panel.

Except for the rear speakers, it is nearly invisible, and 100% reversible. AND I can blow the socks off the neighbors cat. Crank those oldies!