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1975 lesabre convertible. When I bought this car it had no rear speakers.
Is there a particular updated speaker set that will fit in to the 6x9 ports behind the rear seat. All the speakers I measured will interfere with the back window ,when the top is being lowered I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had this issue. Anyone got any ideas ? I'd appreciate it. big time. Thanks
1975 LeSabre rear speaker

The well area of the car should have a metal cover over the speaker area that protects the speaker from the top frame when it folds down. There are a couple of things that could cause the window to be too far forward when the top is down: the bushings in the top frame could be worn enough so that it comes forward when folded; or the rear window assembly is installed too far forward.
The bushings can be tested by raising and lowering the top. If the top flops more than a foot when it reaches the peak height, then the bushings need to be replaced.
If the bushings are not the problem, then you will have to remove the rear window assembly and add some material to the front of the curtain assembly. (The front edge is trimmed when installed, so the curtain will be short on your car.) the back edge of the curtain will need to be moved down on the tack bar the same distance to accomidate the change. The small zipper that attaches the back of the top to the rear curtain assembly may require that the top itself be moved rearward slightly. Some tops have these small zippers, while others do not. It depends upon the manufacturer of the top. If your car does not have the zipper, then don't worry about it.
The easiest way to determine if the change worked is to lower the top with just the rear curtain assembly in place (with no top installed on the frame). If this solves your problem, then reinstall the top on the frame and you should be good to go.
If you are unsure about how to remove and install the convertible top, let me know. I have an instruction manual for convertible top installations that covers many makes and models, including the GM "Scissor top", for just $20. (I had them available at my auto upholstery shop for years, but now I am retired and have a couple still on the shelf.) You may call or email me at (360) 574-8070 or