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Radio Problems

The Radio in my 92' Buick Century has been acting up lately. I have never messed with the stock radio and don't plan on changing it out unless absolutely necessary. It will work fine when i turn my key back to ACC mode. While in the ON Position, the Radio has power, the clock never changes, and the power and eject buttons still work. Also, sometimes when I listen to the radio in ACC mode for a while, Turning the key back to ON, really slowly will allow the radio to turn on and work properly until the key is turned far enough to turn the dummy lights on. At that point the radio will stay on, but I can't control the radio anymore. After starting the vehicle the radio will not come back on unless I turn the vehicle back off. The clock doesn't change until after I have turned the Key Back to the ACC mode. I believe this has something to do with the ignition. :confused: Everything else seems to be working fine. I would really appreciate it if somebody could give me some advice upon where to start.

Eric (A proud Buick Owner):shield:


Because the radio turning on or working properly is all dependent on the position of the key, indicates that your radio is fine and the problem is most likely with the 12volt ignition source from the key/ignition module.
Radios typically have two 12 volt sources, one is the battery and the other is the ignition. The ignition source will get cut during the start cycle and the connection could very well be chard due to excessive arching or maybe its not quite making the connection any more. If you know how you can check the ignition voltage from the wire harness on the back of the radio.