Radio conversion


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Another project slated for my 1960 LeSabre Flat top is the sound system. I spoke with a fellow from a local antique radio club. He states he can take my original radio and add a 'new board' to it along with an auxiliary port and I will have the original radio look with all the features of a modern sound system. He told me the only visible difference will be a small red LED indicator dot behind the tuning face numbers that indicates the radio is in FM mode. Has anyone else had this procedure done?

Ron L4760

Interesting. I’m currently re-doing the dash in my 70 Wildcat and worked with Howard (Faust....I believe that’s correct...he’s fairly common on eBay and a whiz at vintage GM sound) to get a refurbed Sonomatic AM/FM. Anyhow, besides the radio/harnesses, I’m simply upgrading ”replacement” speakers from These are supposed to be superior sounding drop-ins and will be true stereo but still probably limited versus other high fidelity options. This is OK by me, and I intend to wirelessly FM-transmit any other desired signal. Dunno if that helps, but at least another take on updating old GM sound.
My brother had the AM radio in his Riviera converted to something similar to that, it was supposed to be 400 watts!. Seemed to work well.
I did more like Ron, got an original AM/FM and used a transmitter from my cell phone. But, I am old and don't crank 'em like I used to, in fact, I hardly ever listen to it any more....