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I pulled the dash out of my Wildcat to get at the radio. I took it to a shop to be checked out and was told it will work great but my speakers are both shot. The front one is a 4 X 8 and i have yet to figure out how the one in the center of the back seat comes out but i can see through the mesh that it is also junk and it is probably a larger diameter by the looks of it. That 4 x 8 is hard to locate, most sites online try to direct you to the 4 x 10 ones which won't fit. Does anyone have an idea of where i might go to find the correct speakers. Thanks
Fran, the Buick parts book and the radio service data indicate the front speaker is a 10 ohm 4 x 10. The GM part number is 7289354 which was used on '65-67 LeSabre/Wildcat/Electra 225 cars. The generic Delco speaker number is 6129. With luck these numbers may appear on the speaker somewhere. Attached is a pg from the '66 Delco Radio Service Manual showing the 7289354 in the top picture.

The 4 x 8 speaker was pretty rare in GM appplictions back then. The only Delco radio using one at that time was the Opel unit.

Here is a link to a site that appears knowledgeable about the older auto speakers and could supply the replacements:

The rear speaker is a 10 ohm 6 x 9 GM no 7290934 (Delco 6126). That number was used on many '63-70 Buicks having the speaker mounted in the rear seat back. Maybe other GM makes as well.

Attached is a bit of data from the shop manual regarding removal of the speaker.

The 6 x 9 will be easier to find than the 4 x 10. OPGI has their no S240839 as shown here.

If all else fails there are places that will install a new cone in the original frame.


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Check with turnswitch.com. Got new front and rear for the ‘70 Wildcat convertible.

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