Noobie question: how to gently remove hubcaps?


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I was trying to check the front suspension/axle/steering parts to locate a "clanking" sound the other day but miserably failed to even remove the hubcaps.
I'm used to remove all sorts of "steel rim hubcaps" by gently prying between rim and cap with a large slotted screwdriver (wrapped in a towel of course).
But on those Buick caps this approach obviously failed...either they are fixed differently or just sitting very tight. On my car the rims seem to be rather freshly painted and the caps in a good applying brute force here was not an option.

If it makes any difference, these are the caps in question:


They are the ole regular hubcaps held on by the little barbs that most hubcaps have. They SHOULD just pop off as your used to.

Tom T.