My old spot use to be In San Jose CA


Clown Puncher

Back in the day i use to cruz King and Story Rd and Snata Clara Street in downtown San Jose CA. There is a lot of gang activity but you see some realy nice rides!



If you ever find yourself in or around the Allentown,PA area, here goes.
Union Blvd.. great street to put the (glasspacked) buick in low and run up the street from Front to about 12th, set off about a zillion car alarms. Gang activity is not limited to cities in cali, so if u do this don't stop! :) Tilghman st. as well, between 4th and 12th.
Watch for cops, Allentown is unfortunately one of those cities with "no cruising" laws

If it's around October, take a nice cruise up 222, (you'll go by dorney park) get on 100 south, and go to DasAuchtFecht in Macungie. It's one of the bigger car shows in the Northeast. Lots of great classics. Can't quite remember the exact dates.

Pennsylvania is full of the twisty, hilly, whoop-de-do roads that are fun to drive on, once you get out of the cities, so a cruise can happen just about anywhere.


Every Wednesday from May-Oct Main street downtown El Cajon CA. All on street parking is reserved for classic cars. It's a well organized weekly event supported by the city and chamber of commerce.