i talked to TA


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i talked to TA, Michael says he's busy working up all of the relevant specs on the new castings ( CNC has been changed and they need to re-verify all of the as-built specs ). he's also going to work up a spec list on a raw factory casting for comparison's sake.

he said that the provisional numbers were about 209 on the intake and 114 on the exhaust with a 54.8 cc combustion chamber. oversize valves are a $100 upcharge per head, which is pretty much a given that you should do since they moved the valves onto the centerline of the piston so you could get bigger valves in there.

the aluminum castings are taller than the cast irons, which necessitates longer valve stems and head bolts. the factory dimension parts aren't going to work with them.

he was quoting prices off the top of his head, so don't hold them to these specific numbers:
$2800 for a pair of bare heads
$3800 for loaded heads
$4000 for loaded big valve heads
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