Front Suspension Rebuild

I have a 1950 Roadmaster that has a "loosey goosey" front end suspension. Where do I start with a rebuild. What about the shock absorbers? They are part of the suspension structure. What is involved in rebuilding them? All suggestions will be appreciated. JIM
You might like to have a look at this thread: Knee Arm/Lever Action Shock Rebuilt

"loosey goosey" is a term that could be applied to a perfect new 1950 suspension. They were built pretty soft for much of the driving of the day. If you have any obviously worn components you will start by replacing them of just replace all the wearing parts. If you want to improve the ride or driving characteristics, then you could make several choices from just improvising a heavier sway bar to a complete change.


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Jim, do you have a Buick Shop Manual? If not, do yourself a favor and get one. Best money you will ever spend on your Buick.
Are you saying "loosey" as in dipping, bouncing? Or as in lot of play in the steering? If bouncing, swinging and swaying, Bob is probably on the money. Shocks. You might even try filling them with oil. The bushings in the suspension are heavy wide threaded pieces. Unless driven many thousand of miles with no lube, they are probably not worn to badly. Repair parts are available.



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From my understanding cars were seeing more dirt roads in the 50s and 60s. The caster was set for negative which makes it easier to steer in dirt road, mud, etc. If the caster is positive than it would require more effort to steer.

Anyways, I'm still thinking about your question.......


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My 52 Buick Super would wear you out in 8 hours driving. I put tube shocks on the car and a 1 ⅛ inch sway bar on the front with radial tires and my wife said it was a new car. Good quality shocks are your first step.