'COBB' starring Tommy Lee Jones


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Hey everyone
Hunt down a copy of a 1994 movie called Cobb starring Tommy Lee Jones, the story of baseball legend Ty Cobb. One of the main characters, an author hired to write Cobb's biography, drives a 56 Special 4 door hardtop. The car appears regularly throughout the first 45 minutes or so, including a great chase scene in the snow with a late 50's Chrysler. Its quite hilarious watching a big old stock 56 getting sideways in the snow!! Check it out, you wont regret it!
RE: Cobb

.I have just recently watched the Movie "Cobb"

The Snow Scene Chase with Cobb (Jones)driving what appears to be a '60 Imperial going through a snowbank and landing on the roof destroying a 60K Classic. :sad:

The Autobiographer (Robert Wurl) drive the Red & White '56 Buick Century 4 door.

The driving was truly amazing. I could not believe how the beat the daylights out of those 2 vehicles. The driving was certainly breath taking.

The buick going sideways with the rear wheels suspended off the snow enbankment really had me on the edge of my seat.

It is certainly worth watching even a 2 nd or 3rd time :thumbsup:

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Thanks for forwarding the Like on the Movie. :thumbsup:

Now other members can see first hand Exactly what We are talking about ;)

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I saw the movie, and the sliding in the snow, but no abuse to the cars. The car down the bank, upside down, that they showed the other driver come upon was certanly not the same Chrysler, that's the magic of Hollywood. Great Movie! Two Thumbs up!