Change to tilt column

I plan to replace my fixed steering column on my 68 Wildcat to a tilt column. Easy stuff, but the signal flasher is broken on the tilt one. Can I swap the signal flasher assy from my non tilt to tilt? Are they the same part number?

Thanks, Gary (aka 68 Wildcat)
Gary, the hazard signal flasher is part of the directional signal switch on the '67-68 models. The parts book does not show variations for non-tilt vs tilt columns.

There were variations for cars with and without cornering lights. On top of that, Buick used two brands of switches: Delco and BPM.

GM part numbers from the Buick Master Parts Book:

7800482- '67-68 Delco, non-cornering, white or green case

5698899- '68 BPM, cornering or non-cornering, blue case (book was for '68 only, may heve been used in '67)

7805675- '67-68 BPM, supercedes 5698899, red case

Other GM brands used these switches as well. One Corvair forum indicates the switch mounting holes are different on the Delco vs the BPM (aka Boyne). Too the flasher knob exits the housing differently depending on switch brand.

Reproduction switches are out there if yours won't swap over. One source is
Todd, thanks for your reply. I will try to remove my flasher assy intact, but if not thanks for the tip about Rockauto!