Buick LaCrosse and Lucerne

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What do you guys think about these two? The Lucerne does have the more modern and appealing look that Buick has been in need of for some time now; not to mention a 275hp V8. It might prove to be quite a competitor for Cadillac. The LaCrosse is also impressive on another level as well with an optional 3.6 with a decent 240hp! Both rides have good looks with a Euro-Asian flair...
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The Buick Lucerne has a better ride and more eng. options and more upgrades available . This looks like a good move for Buick . Just my 2-cents . :beers:


I have mixed feelings about he Lacrosse. It reminds me a bit too much of a Taurus. Nice car and all, but no real spot as a competitor. The lucerne is nice. I really like that a lot. Has much more competitive styling, plus rwd. I think that is a step in the right direction.
Re: New Models

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The LaCross is a nice car. 3 Models Available. The base model is the 3.8 with Cloth interior. The next Model has the 3.8 with leather. The top of the line has leather with a new aluminum supercharged 3.6. Replacing the former supercharged 3.8 with the same Hp. The difference between the middle and the top model is about 4 grand which essentally your are paying extra dough for the supercharged motor. 30 MPG HWY

The Luceren seems to be quite nice and available with the V-8.
Interior appointments appear to be quite pleasing.

There must be 2 models the V-6 and the Optional V-8. I don't know the fuel milage rating. I haven't heard anything about the road tests, ride, handling etc. I have no idea at to the pricing with is a big determining factor as well as warrantee issues.

Chrysler has been offering 7 years 70,000. The 300, Charger and Magnum are serious competitors! and are RWD.
Buick is 4 years Mileage (?)
Big difference there.
Ford is dumping the Crown Vic. I'm unaware of it's replacement.

Then there is Hyundai 10 years 100,000. A lot of consumers are jumping on that bandwagon. With an offer like that Who can blame them. I cheep vehicle with 100,000 mile waranty. a throw away car. People who own them, swear by them.

Consumers translate that If an Automaker doesn't stand behind their own product, that signals (screams) doubt and lack of confidence and compromises the intregrity of the product.

That's not a good marketing strategy when your competition is furlongs ahead of you.

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Edmonds.com review

I took the opportunity (partly because I was interested in doing so for my interests & partly because this would be assistive to this thread) to read a review on the 2006 Buick Lucerne on Edmonds.com. This is an excerpt from their listing:

Edmonds.com said:
Body Styles, Trim Levels and Options:
The full-size Buick Lucerne sedan is available in three trim levels: CX, CXL and CXS. The CX comes with 16-inch alloy wheels, keyless entry, power windows and mirrors, a six-way power driver seat, a CD player and steering wheel-mounted audio controls. The CXL adds 17-inch wheels, heated outside mirrors, rain-sensing wipers, leather upholstery, a power passenger seat, dual-zone automatic climate control and an MP3-capable stereo with an auxiliary audio jack. This trim also provides access to additional optional equipment like heated and cooled seats and heated windshield washer fluid. The top-line CXS has all the CXL luxuries along with driver-seat memory, a 280-watt Harman Kardon audio system, satellite radio, 18-inch wheels and a Magnetic Ride Control suspension. Options on all Lucernes include an in-dash CD changer, a remote vehicle-start feature and rear park assist. A navigation system will be available midyear.

Powertrains and Performance:
Two engines are available for the Lucerne. The CX trim comes with a 3.8-liter V6 that provides 197 horsepower and 227 lb-ft of torque. Available on the CXL and standard on the CXS is a 4.6-liter V8. It's rated at 275 hp and 290 lb-ft of torque. Both engines send their power to the front wheels through a four-speed automatic transmission.

Standard safety equipment includes OnStar, antilock four-wheel disc brakes, traction control, front side-impact airbags and head-protecting side curtain airbags for all outboard passengers. The Lucerne also features a front-passenger airbag that deploys at two different depths depending on the occupant. Stability control and BrakeAssist are standard on the CXS and optional for V8-equipped CXL models. Lucernes with the front bench seat have a two-point belt for the center position.

Interior Design and Special Features:
The Lucerne's interior is cleanly styled, and the control layout is simple and organized. Front seating is typically for two but a 40/20/40-split bench seat can be ordered for the CX and CXL. So done, the Lucerne can seat six. The trunk holds up to 17 cubic feet of cargo, which is a big but there is a ski pass-through.

Driving Impressions:
Although a plush, serene ride is the top priority for the Lucerne, those expecting the soggy suspension response typical of older Buicks will be pleasantly surprised by the nimble handling of this large sedan. Softer-tuned CX and CXL models still exhibit a fair amount of body roll around corners, but they feel predictable overall. The CXS is most impressive as its Magnetic Ride Control suspension greatly improves its balance through the turns without detracting from ride quality. The steering is a bit wobbly on-center in CX and V6-equipped CXL models, but the variable-assist Magnasteer setup on the CXL V8 and CXS provides a nice, firm feel at speed. Acceleration is fully adequate with the V6, while the V8 provides brisk response, though we'd like to see Buick upgrade to a five-speed automatic.
I did find it particularly interesting that the LaCrosse & the Lucerne are replacing the LeSabre & Park Avenue model names. The new models certainly won't carry the well-known luxury names but they do carry some pricey top of the line models. A friend & Buick aficionado test drove a Lucerne yesterday saying that he loved the car & was planning on purchasing one in the near future. He said the CXS (fully laden) cost $40k+! :grin: I found no information regarding warranty information, but I am certain it can be obtained somewhere easily. If I find more I will post it.


i like them both

personally i think there both great looking cars but i like the lucerne better if i had the money i would buy a fully loaded 1 right now.
Re: New Model Buicks

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They are both "Nice Rides" for sure.:thumbsup:

Wish I have the dough!

Very competitive with today's market


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Both of the cars are nice but .... are my Wife and I the only ones that wish they were available in a 2 door coupe ?? She has said many times that there is really nothing out there right now to replace her Riviera if something bad was to happen to it :(

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A two door? I AGREE!

I couldn't agree with you more; a two door coupe is definitely lacking in Buick's department. But hey, slowly but surely Buick is coming up in style so I'm positive that a new two door is in the works.
Re: 2 Door Coupe

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A 2 Door Coupe would do a LOT to project a Sportier Image!

In the 80's the Regal 2 door coupe was one of the nations best selling automobiles.

For Decades Buicks have had Rear Tail Lights that went the width of the car.

It had become a Trademark of the Buick Nameplate.:shield:

Buick has gotten away from that and I MISS that Distinctive Buick Look!

Now they look like everything else.

I did notice that the LUCERNE does indeed have PORTHOLES, a nice touch!


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