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Buick 455 Rotating assembly wanted.


I plan on getting Stage 1 or Stage 2 TA aluminum heads probably the SE versions but maybe the TE heads and a matching cam and intake for that set up need to build the short block first though.
thank you for the advice



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If you get the TE heads, there is only one intake that will fit, the SP2. Hood clearance will be a concern. Get the SE heads, you have way more choices for intakes. Is this a race car, or street car.


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The crank can take quite a bit of HP, 800 or so. That isn't the problem. The problem is the block, above 600 HP, it starts to twist and move around quite a bit, especially at RPM exceeding 6000-6500 or more. You can easily make 500 HP with your eyes closed. Aluminum heads dissipate the heat of compression MUCH faster. You want to run a minimum of 10.0 - 10.5:1 compression with aluminum heads. It will easily run on premium pump gasoline. Static compression is not the most important consideration, cam timing determines Dynamic Compression, read up,

My motor made 602 HP @ 5900 RPM and 589 TQ @ 4900 RPM. It is a 470, that is .038" over and .05 stroke increase by offset grinding the Buick rod pin to use Eagle BBC rods. You can also build a 482. Here is the build thread,

The MOST important thing when selecting pistons is 0 deck. At TDC, you want the piston to be even with the deck. Aftermarket pistons often end up as much as .050" down the hole at TDC. You don't want that. You want to by custom pistons, they are that much more expensive. It allows you to to customize the compression height of the piston so that you don't have to mill the block deck excessively (expensive). You can also select the valve relief cc's to dial in compression. Diamond and Autotec make custom forged pistons, (scroll up to 1st post)

There are also Molnar drop in rods,



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High HP blocks need a girdle, more machining and more expense. My engine does not need it at 600 HP, and engine RPM below 6000 RPM.