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Headliner is supposed to be here tomorrow. Pats been good about letting me work outside and making slow but sure progress out there. Basic old school body work. The best one so far was using a propane torch on a bump on trunk lid from the INSIDE; about the size of a pencil eraser. Made it red, hit it with a wet rag and it was 95% gone. Yesterday was doing some front fender patching and before that was a U shaped rod that got welded to the fender and slammed with a heavy crow bar to pull it out 3/4" worked sweet! Bill







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So the headliner job is complete except for a little blow dryer shrinking and the back window is in with all new trim clips. Today Im spending half a day cleaning the shop. Its a disaster! My pal Jeff stopped by yesterday to help with the glass. Car is now closed up and I can begin sanding/grinding in earnest LOL...

And now (BIG DRUM ROLL!!!) can anyone help with finding some (2 or 4) individual BLUE floor mats with the tri-shield? Beater to driver quality id just fine! Thanks! Bill









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WOW... Dont be affraid guys; I dont bite. Feel free to ad some input now and then. Always ready to digest suggestions LOL... Got the new rugs today; YIPPEE!!!! Played with some old school custom paint ideas for the wife that she found interesting. Paint is on its way here and I found a viable old gallon unopened of gray primer and hardener. ZERO reaction to the el cheapo rustoleo stuff Ive been using.. Hey, its how I roll haha... Bill






Cheapo stuff is what I used to cover the bodywork I did last summer and fall. I knew she was going to get a paint job ASAP so, spent the money on the bodywork, not the paint. I just wanted it covered from the elements until I can paint it. Now that we know you don't bite, we can start responding;).


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Get on it... Ill eventoss the store boughts LOL. Its 0600 Sunday and I'm going out to fire up the atom smasher. I really want this thing all warmed up for primer today. Tomorrow Im having a back job done and will be out for a few days, Im sure.

I know I dont get over here to post that often, but I try. Too much readership and not enough participation haha. C'mon guys, even "That sux" is better than nothing! Its 0600 Sunday and Im going out to fire up the atom smasher to get the shop et al nice and warm. I hafta have this guy in primer today. Tomorrow Im getting a back job done and will need a few days off.

Staying in line with a mild 60's paint scheme, I found a pile of these on the shelf. I thought I was going to need a cowl induction kinda hood for carb clearance issue, but that proved wrong. These are nice heavy aluminum pieces and they came off a 1964 Pacemaker yacht to boot. Theyll probably get the blue treatment with a white lace panel surrounding them. Its off to see the wizard. I should be done around noon if the cold ass garage stuff cooperates! Theres also the freebie floor mats. One is cleaned and the other as arrived. I now have all 4 for the new rugs! Bill







My last post was short and sweet, because I hate typing on my phone. Fat fingers ;). Your headliner looks great. I understand that they are the hardest part. Isn't bodywork fun. I am glad that Ray did the majority of it when he purchased the car. I had the one fender because he just let the car sit for 12 years, only being driven once or twice a year in the summer, and not being washed. Now, I drive her every day that there is no snow. I love winters in Lethbridge. Snow never lasts more than a week at a time. We get a lot of Chinooks that just melt the snow almost overnight. Good find on the mats. I love the look of them. Well, my Granddaughter is looking for attention so, good night. Have a great evening.


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Sweet dreams baby, How long must I dream...

Got going in earnest a 0730 yesterday and turned the lights off at 1530 hrs. Got 3 nice heavy coats of primer on the entire car. The only issue I had was the primer required a 4:1 ratio of hardener and after an hour it started to jell in the gun. After the induction occurred, even adding extra thinner was a no-go. Maybe the shop was too warm? It was a medium activator. Bill






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New member Daniel from Germany is looking for a rear passenger side armrest with an ashtray for his '60 special station wagon in green. Any color is fine. He's posted a wanted ad and we cant post pics there for some reason. Can BOB please explain? Thanks Bill



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Yeah... wrong ratio on the catalyst. Need new bifocals. Everything lined up with the stars yesterday and had great results. Even repaired some fork ups! Wet sand today and then some color. Yippee!! Billz110.jpg





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Once ya start, ya cant stop. After getting the gun and mix right, the repairs still needed to get sanded to "break the skin". I ended up re sanding the whole car, and giving it a nice wipedown with a fresh hot, wet towel. I then made up a quart of primer and recoate to whole car again. Great results except for the tiger stripe in the roof. I used a step ladder yesterday, instead of the milk crate and can reach 60% of the roof from both sides. Whats the trick to getting no overlap / overspray down the middle? Just a block sand and polish on the clear coat? Will the basecoat cover and not stand out? Thoughts or ideas are appreciated! Bill





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Went to a swap meet in West Bend Wi yesterday and picked up a 1979 Nova washer tank and bracket for 10.00 and a new (no box) northern industrial jitterbug air sander for 19.00--- NO TAX either! With 320 paper on there and doing it wet, it makes light work outa that process. The other day I overdid it and wasted my hands for two days. Bummer.
Today I got the roof, hood and complete passenger side sanded with the wet 320 and is it ever nice looking! Color is gonna happen in a few days I hope... These are from the hand job last Friday. Ill get some new action pics tomorrow LOL... Bill





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So while everyone slept, I managed to get all the wet sanding done. Did the whole job with 320 and some 400. I think its pretty acceptable. Today I am rigging some extra lighting and plan on tossing a bucket of paint at it saturday or Sunday. After the initial sand the other day, I found a ding I missed and decided to fine tune another repair. The very back end was crunched pretty good and thought I did a good enough repair, but after opening the ding back up, I figured while Im in there... ws







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Just an update... Got the color on and it took 2/3 of a gallon, i.e. 3 quarts ish. Got nice deep even coverage. Then came the clear. Made a mess out of that part, so its back to class for a chapter on remedial painting. Yikes! Billz25.jpgz28.jpg




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I started out trying to get down to the basecoat, by back scraping with a razor blade and some sanding. It was going slow, but OK, until I blew some air to dust it off and the air caught a little divot in a corner. That lifted the clear right off the base coat. Unbelievable. I grabbed a roll of tape to help prevent any further blistering and got it cleaned up to the body reveal line. Im gonna sand and reshoot the blue here, then start the clear coat job all over again. It made for a nice heavy primer on the clear but unacceptable with orange peel and uneven coverage.

My pal loaned me a bunch of halogen lights so I can see what Im doing next round!

So I managed to save the day with sanding the runs off with some 150 on a rubber block. Got it down nice and flat and will do some touch ups on sand throughs, then sand the whole car with 400 and re-clear. Bill


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So the 400 was a step above the 220 to cut the glaze. That CC is tuff stuff. 220, 400 then finally 600 all by hand with a sanding sponge wrapped with the 600. My hands havent been that clean in 30 years!

For kicks, I ordered another quart of clear. The whole job so far used 1/2 the gallon can, so I got the extra just to be sure. Once ya start, ya cant stop, so if its extra so be it. Its due here Tuesday, unless the world ends, so Wednesday afternoon Im gonna touch up some blue, then Thursday go for the clear.

After doing the entire port side, roof, and trunk with the 600, I did a swipe with the degreaser/dewaxer. The initial results were astonishing! The CC will no doubt look even better. Ill have a few days to get the shop back in order. Right now its a disaster area. Tomorrow Ill finish up on the passenger side plus some minor detail sanding now that I have the time. Always felt rushed before. First day of spring is next Thursday. Gitter done! Bill






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Thanks steve... cast a circle for me Wednesday when I get the extra quart of clear, touch up some blue, and lay the new CC on! Bill