Alternator charging at 15V?


My 64 skylark convertible seems to be charging at 15V... From what I have read, that's a little high..

Is my voltage regulator (external on the 64) going bad? Or is it most likely something else..

fyi.. Not driving it much in the winter so I have time to troubleshoot..

At what point John? When first started it's going to charge at a higher rate than it would after it was running for say half an hour. If it does stay up at that point there is adjustment in the voltage regulator. If you don't have a service manual for your car look up your year and model in the reference section at the top of the page for the specifications.
Thanks.. I haven't run it more that 10-15 minutes since reinstalling the alternator. If I get a decent day (with no salt on the roads) I will take it for a good ride and see..
Good news! The weather today as good, so I took her out for a spin.. After a 25 minute ride, I turned on the high beams and the heater fan to full, then revved up the engine to 2K RPMs and it held 13V on the charging system.. I think I am all set! Have a great day..