All G.M. Car Show

Jersey Shore Chapter of BCOA car show this saturday 8-13-05 at Coast Buick-Pontiac GMC Hwy 35 Sea Girt N.J. 732-528-4443 maxene
Jersey Shore Show

I have been to That Show quite a few times and it is quite worthwhile :thumbsup:

Last Time I was there on Route 35 Just North of the Circle just off the Garden State Parkway Exit 98 (2 years Ago) I saw a Magnificent '55 or '56 Buick Super Convertable. Black and White.

That Buick Super Convertible was "Pristine" from Tread to Top!

Just the Vision of that Buick made the trip quite Singular & Extraordinary!

The Owners at Coast are "Fellow Enthusiast's" and are More than Cordial and Accomodating! :shifter:

I'm Sorry that I will have to for-go This Years Event ( Due to work and Vacation Scheduleing, Missed by a Week, Shucks) :sad:

My Family (8 Siblings) live in the area and buy their Vehicles for Their Store.

The Owner, a Gentleman in his Mid 50's was Smoking a Big Cigar. A Perfect Setting!.........It was Just so fitting for the Car, The Era and Nostalgia!

The "Enthusiast's that were present were extrenely congenial & pleasent!

Norman Rockwell would have had a "Field Day" with the entire Atmosphere!

Regards, :beers:

Tom Gallagher
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