94 Regal Electrical

Ray R

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My voltage guage wags with the turn signals. The needles stays at 15-16 volts during normal operation. As soon as I use the turn signals, the needle wags between 13 and 16 like a metronone in time with the signals. Is this the sign of a weak battery? Anyone else experience this behaviour?

Are the turn signals the only thing which affects the voltage guage? or do the headlights, blower motor, wipers, etc also affect it's reading?
If everything affects the guage, then suspect a bad alternator regulator, or the guage is screwed up.
If you have a voltmeter handy, you'll be able to check the output from the alternator. If that says the same as the guage, then your alternator is probably bad.


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my car does same thing i tested the alt its good its a short in my fuse panel in glove box labeled clustr but havent figured out yet how to fix hope this might help you