89´s Regal Radio switch


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Hey there,

iam from germany and got some big probleme by switching the Radio in my new 89´s Buick Regal Custom 2,8 V6.

I read some tutorial, but no wires are like them in the tutorial. So i need help.

I found the wires for power, lightpower etc and grounded the new Radio directly at the car(i cant find the right ground wire). The new Radio works fine, but i cant find the wires for the Speakers. There have to be 8 wires for all 4 Speakers, but there are not enough wires, i dont know what the wires i found are for.

I dismount the radio unit and the "head" unit. But i dont get it.

Is there a third unit, where the speaker wires are?

Can any body help me?

After i removed all wires from both units the speakers are purring(to purr? sry about my english) when the engine is started. Thats all realy wired.

Big thanks to every body who try to help me.