67 Skylark aftermarket a/c


Can anyone offer an opinion on the best (easiest) aftermarket a/c only unit for my 67 Skylark 2dr/ht? Thanks!!


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Im looking to do the same thing for my 67 gs400. From what i have found so far ordering the vintage air 67 pontiac gto 961067 kit. But if your car was non a/c like mine im having trouble finding a/c compressor brackets and no one that i have found reproduces them. If you have found parts or any other info please share!
I have heard the Vintage air Pontiac system may be as good as any. It won't matter what you go with, there will be a bunch of fabricating. The simplest would be to go with a Vintage Air or Old Air underdash system. You will still need to build things like compressor brackets unless you use an old A-6 compressor.