63 riviera heater core replacement

hi out there. i need to replace a heater core in a non a/c 63 riv and was looking for any tips to make it as painless as possible. i read the shop manual and it gives no procedure on what needs to come out to do it.i figure somebody on here has done 1. any help is appreciated with this. thanks ken.
I'm not sure I'm much help but I just went through replacing the heater core/control valve on a 62 Wildcat with factory AC.. Had to first remove the control box unger the hood, then the center console with rear seat vents (under the carpet) and finally the heater core. I'd recommend removing the seats so you can access to under the dash a little easier. Make sure you have a factory manual available. Quite a job but can be done. It may help that you don't have AC. Good luck.
No need to remove the console on a NON A/C Riv.
With some haggling it CAN be removed.
Not extremely easy but easier than removing the console.

Tom T.
well, you're right about the console tom. i got 7hrs into removing the console on tuesday. was unable to remove the seats bolts are frozen and i do not want to open that can of worms.i am getting ready to try to get the heater box out with the core.i hope that goes better. thanks guys for the tips. i will update you. ken
i think one seat removed could help, i know my back doesn't like it when I'm under my dash poking around.
update. heater core done. 1 of the worst cores i had to do in 40yrs of repairs. that car was built around the console. 16hrs start to finish. good thing i only have 1 customer with an early gen riv. i want to thank everybody for their tips on this job. may have gone faster if the seat were able to come out but that's another problem for another time.thank you.
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