54 and 55 selectronic radios

buick bud

Does anyone know if there were any differences between the 54 and 55 selectronic radios, and/or if the radios in either year were different for the different models in 54 or 55? Thanks--buick bud


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Hi Bud,

I have restored many Buick radios over the years and the 54/55 selectronics are identical in every way except for the dial equipment. The colors are different in 55 as opposed to 54 and the 54. Otherwise only the model number really sets them apart.

The selectronics only came in one model number each year in 54/55, there are no variations per car series. There were only 2 radios offered for both years, manual and selectronic. Personally I don't like selectronics since you cannot store presets in them (they did the right thing in 57/58 by introducing BOTH features in the selectronic models).


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54 an 55 radio

Realy only the knobs and slite differance in face plate glass on some modles.
they are phiscaly interchangeable. so are the knobs.
I have atentena tunning instuctions also after you instal it.