1965 buick center caps with 2 and 1/8 inch retainers with 14 claws

I have 1965 Buick wildcat conv't with wildcat 2 and 1/8 inch center caps. When i put them on, i broke most of the claws on one of them and i tried to get the 2 and 1/8 inch retainers with 14 claws on them, on the internet but no luck. Does anyone know there i can get these. Thank You Russ
i did a 70 lesabre for my friend. i ordered 4 retainers from CARS. they did not work. i ended up messaging the center of the rim so they would work. 70 has the derby style caps and they were nos and i broke 2 retainers before i knew what the true problem was.you may need to open the center of the rim up.
If that doesn't work out, do these look like them:

It would be good if you post a picture.
Bob No, these have 12 claws and my have 14 claws and yes i should have posted a picture and will do after x-mas. Thank You Russ
i tried the ones sold by cars and they would not work. a couple of the tanks broke off. i opened up the wheel center to get mine to work. good luck