1961-63 Buick special skylark rear shocks

The Gabriel part listing for rear shocks on 61-63 buick special/skylark is 81495, it has the upper mounting S1, lower mount EB1, this is incorrect for the upper mount and the extended length of ~20 in. This mistake has been for more than 20 years. The correct mounting is ES9(.44" hole) or ES10(.44" hole) for upper and lower is EB1(5/8") and extended length ~24.5 in.

The mount bolt hole on the chassis takes 7/16" (.4375") bolt so you would need a metal preferably steel cylindrical hollow spacer between the shock and bolt with 5/8" OD, and 7/16" ID to make a shock with an upper EB1/E1 mount to work. Using the wrong shock mount causes you to collapse the bracket on the chassis and difficult to remove and reinstall shocks for service and tech support claims it rips out the shock with too short of extended length.

The addition of the spacer on the upper mount opens the door to many other options for rear shocks. Gabriel uses EB1 and E1 for KYB shocks upper mount designation. Gabriel has the 404703 EB1 mounting kit you can buy.

We want upper and lower EB1/E1 mounts with extended shock length of 24.5in. You add the sleeve at the top. Here is options to consider:

Gabriel G63419 , extended length 24.08 in. additionally, you need to add the sleeve 1 11/32" L x ID 7/16" x OD 5/8" sleeve on E1 upper mount. Made In Mexico
Gabriel 61582 , extended shock length 24.98 in. additionally, you need to add the sleeve 1 11/32" L x ID 7/16" x OD 5/8" sleeve on E1 upper mount.

Rare Parts 51307 extended shock length 23.375 in.
Rare Parts 51380 extended shock length 23.375 in.

KYB 344090 Made In Japan. 22.95" extended length. Excel G.
KYB KG 5466 Made In Japan. 22.9" extended length. Gas a just.

Monroe 31094 Requires 1 11/32" L x ID 7/16" x Outer 5/8" sleeve on E1 upper mount. Made In China

1963 Buick Skylark the extended length is ~24.5 in. from mount center to center with shock removed and vehicle jacked up hanging loosely right before you can move the spring.
The extended length with vehicle on the ground no shock installed is ~20 in.
The sleeve is also called Shock absorber eyelet bushing reducer.

In summary the Gabriel and KYB are both good choices. I'm sure we can find more choices by looking for shocks on each of these vehicles.

Previous post was ammended so any corrections or suggestions are welcomed, work in progress.
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I went with Gabriel G63419 installed them in the rear of 63 buick skylark, I believe this may work for 61 and 62 skylarks and specials. These shocks have 5/8" rubber mounts top and bottom. I installed a metal sleeve I fabricated, but you can get something already made and cut to size. Here are pics of install. I used 7/16" fine thread on top with locking nut to match the bottom. My length on spacer was 1.35" (1 11/32"), but you can go up to less than 1.437"(1 7/16"). I resized the width of the upper mount but found that it may of not needed it. I included an image of standard shock that I had on there before and the new ones for comparison.ES9 ES10 spacers.jpg1963 rear shocks BuSk.jpgG63419.jpgrear shocks.jpgshocks a.jpgshocks b.jpgshocks c.jpg


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Update on the 1963 Buick Skylark fitted in the rear, Gabriel shocks G63419 with bushing reducers: There is no rubbing, or any defect I found. Quiet operation and satisfied with ride. Keep in mind these are firmer than standard. I put stability at highway speeds over comfort at slow speeds.