1955 Super - Windshield Wiper Push/Pull wire reattachment?


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Hi there,

I am hoping someone is able to provide some insight here...
Whilst cleaning the vacuum wiper system on a 1955 Buick Super, I inadvertently caused the push/pull wires for the wiper blades to fall away from the pulley mechanism that connects to the vacuum motor. I have retrieved all four wires from inside the firewall but it would appear that I will need to remove the entire dashboard to reattach the wires? Am I correct in saying this? Does anyone have any tricks to reattach these wires without resorting to a large scale removal process of the dash?

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Do yourself a BIG FAVOR & get a chassis manual.
Will save lots of time & aggravation.
Again, just my thoughts.

Tom T.
Thanks for the insight Tom, I purchased the shop manual a few weeks ago (still waiting for it's arrival) is this the manual you mean or are you referring to the Master Chassis Parts Book?
Thanks, Jay