1955 Buick Special Radio

Ok.......I have been looking into different stereo options for the Buick and have a few questions for anyone interested or who has an opinion.

1. J.C.Whitney offers a nostalgic look radio that supposedly plays cd's and fits right where the original went. Has anyone tried these and how well do they function?

2. Where, besides directly in front of the radio in the dash, did Buick install speakers (doors, rear deck)?

Thanks for your time

Bob Bates:confused:


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Hey robert, dont buy it from jc whitney, there too expensive. They are great tho, custom autosound makes them. I have been lookin at a few on ebay. They have a couple differnt ones, but the one that is 159.00 is a good deal, jc whitney charges over 200 for it. It has pre amp outputs, 160 watt amp, cassette, cd controler if u want to add a disc changer. Just type in custom autosound on ebay. They also have one that is basically a am/fm radio and its like a little screen that can mount anywhere, flush, in, under dash whatever. I was thinking i might just get that one, and connect a cd changer to it. REason being is i can keep my original radio in there , because even tho those radios do fit in the original spot, it just doesnt look as good as the original way even tho i must admit the past 3 or 4 yrs models look alot better than the older ones. The older ones didnt have the fancy chrome to make ur dash look orginal still. The new ones have chrome, the old ones have black . I would take a look at those and shop around on the net.. i wouldt pay 200 or more for them tho. And even tho i wouldnt mind the one that fits in the dash, i just dont see a point to it because i cant even remember the last time i used a cassette lol.. but they do have another one that is top of the line that fits in the dash but doesnt have cassette.. that one doesnt look that bad inside the dash, i believe its the best one that fits in the dash. anyways good luck , kc

My car was owned by a teenager before me so the factory radio is gone. I need something that will fill the original hole and look factory