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    Need help decoding a 455

    My dad has a engine that we think is a buick 455 but not sure if its a pontiac or olds. The numbers stamped on it are 1241735 45H420018 There is also a 75 stamped on the block. So, im guessing its a 1975 block? We want to know what stage the motor is and hopefully what the engine came out of...
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    New member with a question

    I have a 69 Skylark Convertible. Love the car but it has a data plate with an incorrect VIN. I did some research and found the "hidden VIN" under the fan motor on the firewall. Hoping someone can help me out with the numbers. Z19 10227 They seem incomplete to me and I am assuming that...
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    Help Decode MY 1947 Buick Roadmaster

    Can anyone help decode the vin on my 1947 Buick Roadmaster. I have not had much luck searching the web. The Plate Reads 14750742 1947 MOD 76-S Style No 47-4707 Body No G11120 Trim No 92 Paint No 15 K I am wanting to know If anyone can tell me what shade of blue the car was, and what colour...
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    vin information

    I need all information I can get on this serial number 14856639. Can someone break it down for me?
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    Chassis VIN locations

    Where can I find the vin or serial numbers on 1947-1949 buick? Where on the frame are they located and where else can they be found?
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    Wrong VIN on title

    We recently purchased a 1954 Buick Century. There is a VIN tag on the door pillar that reads 6A1176251 which matches the description of the car. The number on the title reads V7019756. Does anyone know where that number might be found on the car? Thanks.
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    New Guy cowl tag question

    I'm looking at a 1967 Skylark Convertible this weekend and was hoping to get some insight into the cowl tag / VIN info. I have done the google search and can't find a good list of the codes for this car as compared to the detail available for Camaro's and such. I just want to see what this car...
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    56 Buick frame vin#(where?)

    I need to find the vin# on the frame. The one on the body is missing and I can't get the car exported to Australia. It's sitting in impound right now till I find the stamped #. Please help. Thanks, Robert. There is no frame # to be found. Can I tie the # on the title into the engine? How...