1. Lesabre Small Block V8 301ci Complete

    Lesabre Small Block V8 301ci Complete

    Selling 1965 used Buick V8 matching motor and transmission. Bought it from guy who advertised it as Wildcat 401 Nailhead (clearly not true) with fewer than 40k miles (probably close to mileage). Cast iron 4-Barrel carburetor intake indicates possibly the larger 340 ci engine but I did not...
  2. J

    Classic Car Illustrations

    Hi all. I am an artist specializing in illustrating classic cars. I am a current classic Buick owner (1972 GS) and a newer Buick (2011 Lacrosse). If you would like to see some examples of my work for sale, my site is https://www.classiccarartist.com. I also do custom illustrations so you can...
  3. T

    Brake Adjuster, 1969 LeSabre

    Hello, I just finished replace brake shoes, wheel cylinders, adjusters, etc on my LeSabre and I’ve got one adjuster lever that is not working. There’s more play in it compared to the other three and it doesn’t even touch the adjuster screw. It is positioned on its pivot further out than the...
  4. L

    63 LeSabre disc brake help

    My wife just bought a 1963 LeSabre 4 door hardtop with a 401 nailhead and 2 sp auto. I would like to put disc brakes on the front. Is there anyone out there can help with information on this? Im not against a front clip from a newer model. Thanks
  5. A

    Lesabre vs Invicta vs Electra - 1961 - What is the difference between the 3?

    Hello all! I am new member to this. What is the difference between these 3 models? 1961 only. Lesabre vs Invicta vs Electra. I am interested to know more about 1961 models only. 2 door bubble tops only. Do all 3 have the same body style? Do all 3 have the same engine? -Ty
  6. 6

    So after nearly rolling my car off the highway...

    Car is surprisingly solid. Crushed the bottom of the drivers side rear quarter panel. Shifted the bumper two inches up on the drivers side. Drivers side exhaust got bent over to the passengers side. None of it a big deal. Unfortunately, I straightened the backing plate, fixed the drum...
  7. R

    430 Into "64 LeSabre Oil Pan??

    Hello everyone, I have an opportunity to possibly upgrade to a 430 from my original 300 2bbl! I am about ready to make the leap as I have come across what I believe to be a good candidate for the swap...my question is in regards to the oil pan. The seller of the motor mentioned that he doesn't...
  8. E

    61 lesabre

    Hey guys, i just recently got a 61 lesabre and i've had a hard time finding parts for it. Any good places i should know? Also, does anyone know if an olds or pontiac trany bolts up to a 364? I think i have a dynaflow twin turbine??? 2 speed??? It slips on drive but works great on 1ST? WORTH...
  9. ianmont

    Looking for a 300 block after my recent "big bang". My engine threw a rod.

    Sadly my newly rebuilt 300 engine ran into some problems yesterday while driving my 64' Lesabre. The engine only had about 400 miles on the freshly rebuilt engine(built by me) when it decided to throw a rod and make a sizable hole in the block. :angry: So, I'm looking for another usable 300...
  10. M

    Clock [Delete]

    Hi - I have a 64 LeSabre Convertible that did not come with a dash clock. I have bought a clock and want to install in in place of the clock delete. I read somewhere that you need to drill 2 - 3/8" holes in the delete and insert the handle of a pliars and twist out the delete. It sounds...
  11. C

    1985 Buick LeSabre LTD Collector's Edition sedan

    Hi all! I registered to share and discuss the car in the title. While not everyone's idea of a dream vehicle, I love these, and have owned a few over the years. I swear, most modern cars are built for midgets! Even being 6'2", the big-body GM RWD's feel roomy. 1985 was their last production...
  12. 1

    401 Nailhead help!!

    hey where could i find a 4bbl carburetor for a 1963 buick lesabre?? cause the engine is a 401 nailhead with 2bbl carburator and i want something better.. and i tried looking everywhere for a 4bbl carburator for that engine and no luck..any ideas??
  13. J

    1989 lesabre transmission trouble

    My 89 limited 2-door has always shifted hard into overdrive. Lately, however, after about an hour of driving, it feels as if the transmission is slipping between about 40 and 55 mph. It doesn't do this when it's cold, only when it's been driven for about an hour or so. Can anyone tell me if...