1. truckmen

    1964 Buick Riviera parts

    1964 Buick Riviera hood molding http://www.ebay.com/itm/1964-Buick-Riviera-hood-molding-NICE-/261115374400?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3ccbb06b40
  2. P

    Mystery Clunk.

    Hey guys, Here's my mystery clunk. Big slamming metal clunk (single) sound with quick acceleration. parameters: Not hard acceleration.. just quick...around 1500rpm Doesn't happen with very slow start. Doesn't happen past 20 mph. Doesn't happen in neutral. Doesn't happen in reverse. Shifts...
  3. 6

    So after nearly rolling my car off the highway...

    Car is surprisingly solid. Crushed the bottom of the drivers side rear quarter panel. Shifted the bumper two inches up on the drivers side. Drivers side exhaust got bent over to the passengers side. None of it a big deal. Unfortunately, I straightened the backing plate, fixed the drum...
  4. M

    300 4bbl Spark Plug Threads

    Hi - I noticed one of my spark plugs went in a little funny today. Turns out that the threads on the aluminum head went south. I want to do the thread insert thing but don't want to leave any metal in the cylinder. Has anyone inserted the thread inserts? How did you make sure you didn't get any...
  5. 6

    1964 V8 300 Head Gasket help

    Hello all, glad i found this site! can't seem to figure this out: I'm no expert, never done an engine rebuild, but everything else I do myself. My '64 Skylark Convertible V8 300 overheated, so I pulled off the heads and had them machined, bought the gaskets and went to put them on. BUT, the...