Half way There 69 Buick Riviera

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I purchased this Triple Black beauty in March of 2018. I had been after my Paint and Body guy to get started on the car for about 9 months. He finally took it and promised a finish date that would allow me to take it the Buick Club meet in Oklahoma in June. Well that didn't happen but I did attend the meet with my other 69 Buick. This is my third Buick to bring back to a new condition. I have all of them and plan not to sell them as that's a mistake that I learn from late in life. These cars are all replicas of the cars of my youth. As for the Riviera, my second car was a 1970 Riviera that had the same console shifter arraignment as my current 69. I always felt the 69 was a much better looking car and that's true with almost the entire Buick line. What I mean by half way there? The power train is next. The 430 needs some work as does the Turbo 400. Once that is complete I will have a very newish car. The front end was completely replaced recently and it drives like a new car.
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