1976 Buick Indy 500 Pace Car

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My brother almost bought one of these new! Too bad it didn't quite happen, although it may have been driven too much and not been in the condition yours is.
Hi Bob, when I saw this car in a magazine I pretty much want one and went down to the local Buick dealership. They had one. However, someone had keyed the decals and they had removed them and paint the whole car silver. That was not what we wanted and we did not buy it. The sales person said they could get us one with the decals so we put down some money and they were to get us a car with decals. We made several trips back to the dealership and each time they tried to sell us the car without the decals and we said no. At the end of several weeks we asked for our money back and went to a different dealership and had the car in less than a week.
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