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Fell in love with this model Buick at my first visit to a car show at 10 years old. Here sat this unassuming black Buick next to a Yenko Camaro, Dodge chargers and Chevelles. I talked the owners ear off about his Buick, thankfully the old man seemed pleased that such a young kid was taking so much interest in his old four door car when there were so many fancier cars to look at. At the age of 22 I started a savings account and at the end of the month after the bills were paid and the kids were fed, I would put $5 dollars here, $20 there. Of course, after I had contributed to the main savings account. Periodically I would check the classifieds for that style Buick in my price range. Either they wanted way more than I could afford or the carcass they would try to sell was too far gone to do anything with. Yes, I saw a few that could be in my price range, but they didn't meet the criteria. She had to be a 1950 black four door with gray interior. I found my gal last week. Shes not concord perfect but she is exactly the same as the first Buick that stole my heart all those years ago.
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